Tully’s Bland House Blend K-cup

Posted by admin on Nov 17, 2010 in Tully's, thumbs down

I don’t have time today to try anything exotic. I overslept. Don’t even remember hearing my alarm go off. I am so late – it’s ridiculous.
Oh well, I guess I had better grab a coffee quickly because thanks to this k-cup tasting project – I just can’t seem to start my day without a cup of [...]

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Rodeo Drive In The Cold NYC

Posted by admin on Nov 12, 2010 in thumbs down, wolfgang puck

Today I was working on my plans for spending another weekend in California. Of course this was instigated by my late morning k-cup of Wolfgang Puck Rodeo Drive Blend.
I slept in this morning and the sun was streaming in and fooling me to believe that it was another warm, glorious day. Actually it is [...]

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Burnt Diedrich Sumatra

Posted by admin on Nov 5, 2010 in Diedrich, thumbs down

It’s been a while since I’ve had a bad k-cup and I’m not sure if that is because of the actual k-cups or my ability to flavor them so I can enjoy them. Well, in any case, today was the first time in a long time that my k-cup was absolutely vulgar.
My Diedrich Sumatra was [...]

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End of the Green Teas

Posted by admin on Oct 18, 2010 in gloria jeans, green tea, tea, thumbs down

Back to the green teas, Yayy! In case you couldn’t sense it – that was sarcasm. The only good thing about this Gloria Jean’s Low Caffeine Serenity Green k-cup is that it is the last green tea I will ever have to drink – ever.
I know this sounds unnecessarily bitter of me, but you don’t know what [...]

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Peppermint Tea or Melted Candy?

Posted by admin on Oct 15, 2010 in Timothy's, tea, thumbs down

While I was looking through the last of the tea k-cups, I came across Timothy’s Peppermint Tea Keurig k-cup. I figured it’s the perfect time to taste it – while I can still remember the Peppermint tea k-cup I had yesterday.
I must admit I am slightly disappointed in this k-cup. I was looking forward because [...]

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Earl Grey – Plain, Hot, and Done!

Posted by admin on Oct 6, 2010 in DeCaf, tea, thumbs down, twinings

And the final day has arrived of the Earl Grey K-cups! It’s been an eternity – well okay only 4 days, but still…
No more trying my Earl Grey tea with creamers and sweeteners, today I am tasting this Twinings Decaf Earl Grey k-cup as majority of the reviews online have suggested – plain, hot, and [...]

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Switching Up the Earl Grey

Posted by admin on Oct 5, 2010 in gloria jeans, tea, thumbs down

Once again I am trying to push past my dislike of Earl grey tea and I am trying my second to last (woowoo) Earl Grey K-cup.
Let’s hope Gloria Jean’s Earl Grey k-cup can get it right.
I will be using yet another suggestion from yahoo answers on how best to drink your Earl Grey tea. Hot [...]

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Earl Grey With a Twist?

Posted by admin on Oct 4, 2010 in Bigelow, tea, thumbs down

Since yesterday’s Earl Grey tea suggestion wasn’t very effective, I’ve decided to take the opposite approach recommended by someone else on yahoo answers, “With raw sugar and a small twist of orange, not lemon.”
So today’s Bigelow Earl Grey tea k-cup will be had with raw sugar, a small twist of orange – and absolutely no [...]

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Earl Grey Earl Grey Earl Grey

Posted by admin on Oct 3, 2010 in celestial, tea, thumbs down

Oh Earl Grey K-cup, you have come to haunt me once again. And this time, times 4!
I have 4 earl grey k-cups left and I am going to try each one for the next for days and finally be done with them!
I decided to google ‘best ways to drink earl grey tea’ and hopefully the [...]

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Celestial’s Decaf Green Tea

Posted by admin on Oct 1, 2010 in celestial, green tea, tea, thumbs down

Yesterday’s Green tea tasting didn’t go over very well, but I’m giving it another shot with another green tea k-cup.
This time I am going with Celestial’s Decaf Green Tea k-cup. Celestial has followed through in the past, so hopefully it won’t leave me disappointed this time.
And… Nothing. It still has that disagreeable taste of green [...]

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