Confessions of a Coffee Hater

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Hi! For the next 200 days I’m going to be sampling every single Keurig K-Cup that is on the market. That’s right - every single one.

When I tell people about my summer internship with, I usually get one of two responses:

a)      OMG! How did you get that – I want to be paid to drink coffee all day!


b)      Whoa! You are going to be so sick of coffee by the end of this summer, you won’t be able to look at it anymore…

The goal of this internship is to try 200 flavors of K-cups for Keurig machines in 200 days.

My own personal goal is to enjoy 200 flavors in 200 days. And I don’t mean enjoy each individual flavor but to enjoy coffee altogether. Minor detail – I HATE coffee.

Okay, the secret is out.

Well for those who know me it was never much of a secret but for my boss – well… it certainly is – or was until now – a well-guarded secret. Too late now I suppose, as I have already gotten the job and the first post has been sent out.

The truth is, I didn’t exactly lie in my resume – it’s not that I don’t like all coffee.. just not the brewed sort… there is something about that bitter taste it leaves off that I just can’t stand. And no matter how many Splenda’s I put in I still can’t seem to rid the cup of that awful pungent flavor.

Thinking back on the application for the internship, they never really asked me whether or not I like coffee, only which kinds I drink… and I answered with a very honest ‘flavored’ – which is in fact true .. I just failed to mention that the coffee I drink is on a once a month basis loaded with creamer and 3 different shots of flavoring.

So my goal is not just to try all 200 k-cup flavors, but at the end of 200 days I hope to come to, if not a love, at least a friendship with coffee and my keurig machine, where I can tolerate it despite our differences. But as for day 1 this “Timothy’s – French Roast” will have to go down while blocking my nose.

To be honest the French Roast is not as bad as I expected … I think if I can fine tune the sugar, it might have some potential.

**Coffee Hater Anonymous**

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  • Rebecca Wildfong says:

    Some coffee has more of a lingering aftertaste than others. The darker the coffee, usually the more aftertaste it leaves. At least for me. I still like to drink it though. I tone it down to help that bitterness with some plain white milk. In non-flavored coffee, adding sugar seems to make it worse, so just plain milk. In flavored coffee, adding milk and sugar actually helps, and makes it a nicer experience. Another idea is to try to make a weaker brew, use the largest cup setting on the machine. You can even add more hot water if needed. That helps to tone it down too, but you still can taste it enough to evaluate. Hope those ideas help!

  • Valerie Easton says:

    I find that using powdered creamer makes coffee a lil less bitter over the liquid. ENJOY and don’t be affraid*!!!

  • 1QuickCup says:

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  • Eduardo says:

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