Battle of the Cinnamon’s – Pastry or Roll?

Posted by admin on Jul 7, 2010 in Flavored Coffee, donut house, thumbs up |

While I was planning on going for more of a subtle flavor or unflavored coffee today, I came across a Donut House Cinnamon Roll k-cup while searching in my drawer of keurig k-cups. I decided I haaad to try it to compare, while the taste of cinnamon pastry was still in my mouth.

Donut House’s Cinnamon Roll Keurig k-cup was okay but nothing to write home about. It was nice and had a subtle cinnamon flavor, but it was a bit too diluted for my liking – at least it didn’t have a horribly bitter taste . If I try it again I would make it more concentrated and hike up the sugar.

Then again, I probably wouldn’t try it again because Timothy’s Cinnamon Pastry is still up there on my list – and if you find something you like, I say stick to it (unless of course your goal is to taste 200 flavors in 200 days like me – in which case keep on tasting)!

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