Colombian Marathon

Posted by admin on Jul 21, 2010 in Diedrich, colombian |

As I was deciding what flavor of coffee to try today, it began to really bug me that I have to rummage through a giant box everyday to find a k-cup that interests me. Worse is trying to find a flavor I remember seeing a few days earlier and not being able to find it among the 200 k-cups.

So, in order to avoid this problem, I decided to set up my k-cups in an organized manner. I separated them by flavors and companies, and they are now all beautifully lined up on two shelves below my keurig machine. The best part is, I actually got to go through every flavor – it’s really crazy how many coffee flavors people can come up with… and how bizarre some of them are. Who knew you could have blueberry or peach flavored coffee?

Anyways, as I was going through the k-cups, I noticed one of the most common kinds is Colombian. So I decided I am going to have a Colombian marathon and see if I can distinguish the difference between the different Colombian blends and choose a favorite.

First Colombian blend I will be trying is Diedrich Colombia and I’ll let you know how it compares tomorrow!

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