Emeril’s Jazzed Up Decaf

Posted by admin on Aug 11, 2010 in DeCaf, Emeril's, thumbs up |

Jazzed up Decaf kind of sounds like an oxymoron to me… Isn’t decaf supposed to be subtle and not make you wired and jazzed up after 1 cup? The jazz makes it sound like it would have the opposite effect…

Well, I’ll let you know if the decaf worked or the jazzed worked after I finish this k-cup… For now the taste is nice, doesn’t taste like decaf – but then again is decaf supposed to taste different? Maybe that’s the jazz Emeril’s was intending…
So far, I don’t feel any different, and I’m still feeling very tired… but that’s probably because I got three hours of sleep last night. In any case, the decaf k-cup seems to be doing its job of not waking me up… I have still to wonder why it’s called Jazzed Up, but like most of the names of these k-cups I’m beginning to think they are just arbitrary… because I have yet to experience Nantucket or Vermont in a cup of coffee…

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