French Roast Spa Treatment

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Once in a while I’ll treat myself to a spa day, especially if I had a tough work week. And in this case, I have had a very demanding week. Working in a PR firm as an intern has its advantages and disadvantages. Thank god, my internship isn’t one of those Devil Wears Prada horror stories, where the interns are abused and are basically free manual labor. I haven’t had to do any heavy lifting or even coffee making – but there is still the fair share of not such fun stuff. And this week has been on the less fun end – doing a lot of research and busy work…

So I went to a local spa right near my apartment and got myself a mani-pedi and half hour massage. I had planned on having a Green Mountain French Roast K-cup but of course in my absentmindedness I made it and left it behind. But the craziest thing happened when I got to the spa – when I walked in, there, right in front of me was a Keurig machine! Okay so ordinarily that wouldn’t be a big deal, keurig machines are popular and they have them in a lot of establishments, but this was the first time I saw one in Israel outside of my apartment! Okay it was an American spa… not so crazy… but at the time it was really cool. And they even had Green Mountain French Roast, so I got my coffee in the end – and it went perfectly with my mani-pedi and spa treatment.

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