‘Breakfast Blend’ All Day Long

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It’s been a couple of days since I’ve been back in New York and the jetlag still hasn’t worn off. It could have to do with the fact that I’ve been staying up till crazy hours (3:30, 4:30..5am) and having sporadic naps during the day… but it’s not my fault I get so tired in the afternoon and I just need to close my eyes for a little.. which turns into a lot – and then I can’t fall asleep until 4 or 5am. And it doesn’t help that I have friends in LA, London, and Tel Aviv – so there is always someone to chat with even when my New York world is sleeping. And then again it probably also has something to do with all the caffeine I’m wired on. Probably not a good idea to have had that coffee at midnight last night…

However, I realize this is unacceptable – which is why I am determined today to stay up all day even though I was up until 5am last night and only slept about 4 hours… and in order to triumph this combat I will be using the most powerful weapon I’ve got – the K-Cup.

In my box of Keurig K-cups I found 2 breakfast blends and a Diedrich Morning Edition coffee. As I am not a coffee connoisseur, I’m not sure what those really mean – is it the strength? The flavor? How can something taste breakfasty? In any case, if they can help me feel like it’s morning all day long that’s all I can ask for, right?

So I’ll be comparing which AM k-cup I like best – Green Mountain Coffee: Breakfast Blend, Timothy’s: Breakfast Blend, and Diedrich: Morning Edition, while using some of 1quickcup’s fan page suggestions for making the coffee go down easier and seeing if I can hold out on that nap.

I’ll update you with the results shortly!

**Coffee Hater Anonymous**


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