Coffee Progress?!?!

Posted by admin on Aug 17, 2010 in Green Mountain, thumbs up |

I didn’t notice it till recently, but I think I’ve started to become dependent on coffee. I’m NOT saying I’m obsessed or even that I like all coffee – it’s just something about the cup that starts off my day and if I don’t have it, I just don’t feel right.

I started noticing it a few days ago when I was on a hike with some friends and got a major headache. I hadn’t had my coffee that morning because I forgot my Green Mountain Our Blend k-cup at home, and I rarely get headaches so I put the two together and decided it was because I hadn’t had my coffee that I wasn’t feeling well.

Now every time I miss my coffee my head starts to hurt. Of course it could be psychological, and the headache from the hike was probably because I was walking in 100 degrees weather in the desert without drinking enough (and not for lack of Green Mountain’s Our Blend) – but I now can’t help but need my k-cup in the mornings (even if it is flooded with sweetener and creamer).

If you ask me that is MAJOR progress – from a girl who couldn’t bear the thought of even a sip of coffee to being, well, hooked!

**Coffee Addict Anonymous**

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