Battle of the Breakfast Blend Continued

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I would like you all to know that I was successfully in bed at 12am last night, and I can’t account for the exact time but I’m pretty sure I was out by about 12:02.

But on to more exciting things such as the coffee reviews as I promised in my last post… I started off my battle with the Diedrich: Morning Edition k-cup while using the advice of Rebecca Fortson Moore from 1quickcup’s friendly fan page, “SUGAR lots and lots of SUGAR…” I think I put about 3 servings of sugar in my coffee and it wasn’t too awful. I do have a sweet tooth so the sugar helped it go down easier, but to be honest it was loaded with so much sweetener I couldn’t really tell if I was drinking coffee or a melted mocha popsicle.

Later in the afternoon as I was trying desperately to keep my eyes open I reached out to my Keurig for support and tried a Green Mountain Coffee: Breakfast Blend K-cup. Since the sugar was a little overdone from the morning I decided to attempt a more subtle balance and took Sandi Jinkins Wellnitz suggestion of “like any good female – ACCESSORIZE! a little creamer and sweetener!” I put in two splendas and a bit of creamer and it had a very nice overall taste. I think I may have even sensed the “breakfastness” in Green Mountain’s coffee. I’ll admit I didn’t finish the cup, but it was one of my more positive coffee experiences. I was going to try Timothy’s Breakfast Blend next to compare, but at 8pm I realized if there was any chance of having an early night it was probably wise to save it for the next day…

A better rested **Coffee Hater Anonymous**

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