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As I was deciding on how to alter my Timothy’s Breakfast Blend keurig k-cup I decided to go to the 1quickcup Facebook fan page for some guidance on how to make the coffee more tolerable, where I came across the following by Betsy Ford Braun: “Just as the monks “back in the far day” at a monastery used the coffee bean to stay awake during extended hours of prayer and then distributed it to other monasteries around the world, look at the coffee bean with reverence and awe. Appreciate its power and sensitivity to our needs…and fall in love!”

This both made me laugh and think… as I am the occasional meditater I decided meditating on the coffee bean or in this case the k-cup might do me some good and help negate some of the negative energy I’ve been feeling towards coffee. I was about to give Betsy Ford Braun my vote for top suggestion – until I read her subsequent comment, “…or fire her”. Sorry Betsy you lost my vote…

In any case, I did try Timothy’s Breakfast Blend but in my opinion it should be called Timothy’s Breakfast Bland. I know I’m not one to trust when I say a coffee is bad, which is why I made my friend taste it to make sure. My coffee maven friend took a sip and the expression on her face was all the confirmation I needed. She described it as, “kinda greeny – like grass a bit” … maybe it was organic? I’d blame the bland shrubbery taste on too much water but the Keurig machines tell you exactly where to fill the water to so it’s kind of hard to mess up.

My friend did end up finishing the cup – but I’d have to say from all three morning coffees I’ve tried thus far, Green Mountain Coffee: Breakfast Blend definitely won my vote. Although I wasn’t able to finish the whole cup I still could sense the deep, rich flavor this k-cup contained and it has certainly been helpful in taking me one step closer to appreciating coffee.

**Coffee Hater Anonymous**

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