Post-Shuk Extra Bold K-cup

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Just made myself a much needed Donut House Extra Bold K-cup. After the hectic day I had at the shuk ( outdoor market) all I need is a hot cup of coffee (although a hot bubble bath and massage would be nice too).

I’ve been to outdoor markets and farmer’s markets before in America and Canada – but NOTHING compares to the Israeli shuk experience. Every store owner is screaming at you from all sides, everyone is pushing, fruit and vegetables are flying over your head, and there’s no room to breathe let alone walk! Okay, I may have exaggerated a little, but going at the crowded time that I did, it did feel like that.

However, despite these descriptions that may sound unbearable, there is something about the shuk that always has me coming back.  Something about it just feels authentic, kind of like you are right in the middle of a scene from Aladdin. I always feel like I’m in some kind of movie when I walk through it.

As long as I know I have my k-cup waiting for me when  I get back home, the shuk is actually an enjoyable experience, and on days like today I just gotta make sure I have my Extra Bold.

**Coffee Hater Lover Anonymous**

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