Continuing the Tea Journey

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That’s how many tea k-cups I have left to taste.

TWENTY ONNNNEEEE! That’s three full weeks! Do you know what that is to a tea hater? Eternityyy!

BLahhh – I don’t think I can do it. Not to mention, the only flavors left are the greeny, leafy, herbal tasting ones. No more exotic fruit or French vanillas – instead 5 kinds of English breakfast k-cups and 4 different green teas!

Well, there’s only one way to get through them, one at a time…

And to move (or rather struggle) forth with this unpleasant journey, today I will be trying Bigelow’s Organic Green Tea k-cup.

Just as I expected, unsweet, unpleasant, pure misery.

**Tea Hating Coffee Missing Addict Anonymous**

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