Everything Unpredictable But My Hazelnut Dark Roast

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As I was walking to the library today, the word unpredictable popped into my head, and I decided that it is the perfect way to describe Ney York City. If I could choose but one word to define NYC it would definitely have to be – unpredictable. Everything about New York is, well, unpredictable.

You never know how long it will take to get somewhere – 3 blocks can take between 30 seconds to half an hour. Seriously. By foot or car. You can try and walk three blocks and be caught by a stampede of elephants and have to wait 30 minutes until they pass (no joke – this has happened to me). And depending on the time – it could take literally 30 minutes to drive from one avenue to the next.

What inspired this thought, though, was the weather. Yes – the unpredictable weather of New York City. I don’t know if it’s global warming or something else, all I know is that the weather changes drastically from day to day, hour to hour and you really just never know.

Today, for example, was gray and chilly in the morning, and then by noon it was super sunny and t-shirt weather. When you live in a city like this – you have to have some source of stability, for me I guess it’s my Keurig and K-cups. While they aren’t always all that predictable – I always know that with some sweetener and coffee-mate, any k-cup can be fixed. So today to combat the unpredictability of New York I will be having a Green Mountain Hazelnut Dark Roast k-cup. I find Green Mountain to almost always work out well, and yet again with its Hazelnut Dark Roast it has.

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