Coffee People Kona Blend Island Style

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Today is one of those relaxing, quiet days that are best spent dreaming of island getaways and beach holidays. The overhead clouds are threatening snow and since I can’t exactly afford a last minute romp in the sun – I will have to settle on looking at travel brochures and dream away.

Let’s see… Jamaica, Bahamas, Antigua… Paradise Island? Nope, not really exotic enough. I need something to really fit the mood. You guessed it again… time to look into my little Keuring bag of tricks.

Aha! Got it! Coffee People Kona Blend Island Stylejust the thing, a nice Island retreat. Now let’s see if it lives up to my expectations. I hope it isn’t pineapple in a cup.

Hmm… Smells good. Just the same, I better get out my hazelnut creamer to enhance the experience and cheer me up. Oops, none left. Oh well, here goes. Aloha! Kona! Not bad at all.

**Coffee Hater Lover Anonymous**

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