The Guggenheim With a Side of Green Tea Please

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After my daunting experience yesterday with the Irish Cream K-cup, I decided I needed a minor break from tasting coffee. I know, I know, the blog is 200 flavors in 200 days, so there isn’t much room for breaks – but I do have the flexibility of changing it up to tasting tea k-cups.

So, before I left for an outing to The Guggenheim I popped a Twinings Green Tea into my Keurig machine. I spiced up the tea with some sugar and a drop of lemon juice (I’m less of a tea drinker than coffee, so I wasn’t really sure what to do), but it was nooot my style.

I’m not exactly sure what possessed me to try green tea – I know full well the only teas I can tolerate are the fruity kind. In any case, needless to say, the tea (in my opinion) not so good. It was pretty bitter to start off with, but maybe those who like a strong tea would appreciate this k-cup.

I did add a bit more lemon juice and was able to drink the whole cup. Although it wasn’t something I’d choose to drink on my own, something about the tea mixed with lemon kept me fascinated, but I think I’m gunna go back to my coffees for now.

The Guggenheim, on the other hand, was great! Anyone passing through NYC over the summer should definitely head over there to see the Haunted exhibit. Although it was sufficiently creepy – it was also mesmerizing and unlike any exhibit I’ve ever been to, kind of like my green tea experience.

**Coffee Hater Anonymous**

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