Golria Jean’s and Whipped Cream

Posted by admin on Nov 4, 2010 in Flavored Coffee, gloria jeans, thumbs up

Today, while drinking my Gloria Jean’s Decaf Hazelnut coffee, I came across the most amazing invention – whipped cream and coffee! Okay, so Starbucks and almost every other coffee establishment has thought of it before me… but I never thought of putting whipped cream in a homemade brewed coffee. Whipped cream is generally reserved for [...]

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Everything Unpredictable But My Hazelnut Dark Roast

Posted by admin on Oct 29, 2010 in Flavored Coffee, Green Mountain, thumbs up

As I was walking to the library today, the word unpredictable popped into my head, and I decided that it is the perfect way to describe Ney York City. If I could choose but one word to define NYC it would definitely have to be – unpredictable. Everything about New York is, well, unpredictable.
You never [...]

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Caribou Sumatra and a Comedy Club

Posted by admin on Oct 28, 2010 in caribou, thumbs up

I promised a friend I’d go with her to this comedy club in the village tonight. It was probably a stupid promise considering I am in middle of midterms and don’t have enough hours in the day to study for all of them without spending 3 hours out tonight…
It looks like it’s going to be [...]

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Coffee Time With Coffee People’s Donut Shop

Posted by admin on Oct 20, 2010 in Coffee People', thumbs up

I have been waiting for this day for so long now. What was it, 3 weeks since I’ve been committed to the tea k-cups? Well, now I finally get to return to the coffee k-cups for good.
To celebrate this very happy time, I will be trying Coffee People’s Donut Shop Keurig K-cup.
MMmmmm.. Nothing like the [...]

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Coffee People’s Wake-up Call

Posted by admin on Sep 26, 2010 in Coffee People', thumbs up

Tonight I will be leaving on a flight back to New York, and then leaving the next day to Montreal for a week, before starting school again.
While I am really excited to go home and see my friends and family, I am equally sad to leave the friends I’ve made here along with my apartment [...]

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Caribou Blend in the Sun

Posted by admin on Sep 23, 2010 in caribou, thumbs up

Today will be the last day I get to just sit in the sun. I am leaving very soon, and after today the rest of my time will be spent visiting friends and family and doing last minute errands.
Instead of the beach though, I’m going to sit at the pool at a hotel my friend [...]

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Timothy’s Skunk-in-My-Kitchen Kahlua

Posted by admin on Sep 21, 2010 in Flavored Coffee, Timothy's, thumbs down

Day 2 at the beach will be spent half day tanning, half day playing water sports.
But before I start this fun-filled day in the sun, I’ll need to prep with a giant mug of coffee. I think I will go with Timothy’s Kahlua keurig k-cup today. I haven’t had a Timothy’s k-cup in a while.
BLachhh [...]

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Caribou French Roast and the Beach

Posted by admin on Sep 20, 2010 in French Roasts, caribou, thumbs down

Day one of no more work will be spent at the beach.  Although I’ve been once this summer, I’ve been waiting for 6 weeks just to be able to sit worry free in the sun, knowing I don’t have work the next day, or the day after that…
Along with my suntan lotion and towel, I [...]

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Green Mountain Decaf Hazelnut

Posted by admin on Sep 19, 2010 in Flavored Coffee, Green Mountain, thumbs up

I got fired from my summer internship at the PR firm today.
My boss found out about my coffee/k-cup blog, heard I had a keurig machine and didn’t bring it to the office to share with everyone, and said today would be my last day.
It did also happen to be the last day I was supposed [...]

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Twinings Earl Grey Tea

Posted by admin on Aug 26, 2010 in tea, twinings

The Celestial Mandarin Orange keurig k-cup was okay. I found it a bit too weak, I think I like my tea with a deeper flavor, but then again I rarely drink tea so I wouldn’t really know.
In any case, I have received great news! My friend’s parents are coming to Israel and agreed to bring [...]

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